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1. ZANZIBAR 6:19
2. BIMBOYE 4:32
3. YELENA 4:26
4. SEDOVE 3:38
5. BIG BONG 3:44
6. MASSA YALA 5:21
8. AMAYA 4:46
10. ABAZAR 4:36
11. SILVER CITY 5:14



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ABAZAR (2011)

Released on IDM Music 2011.

Abazar is new venture in pan global music created by keyboardist and composer Andrej Kljakovic and his endless exploration in uncharted musical territories.

This propulsive electro- acoustic music is based on specially chosen grooves that incorporate clarity in harmonic and melodic movements.

Composer dedication to challenge this type of musical expression is just at the beginning of its development. There is a never-ending process to explore and combine old known systems that support new ideas. Songs are sung in invented imaginary languages that’s reminiscent of Afro-Arabic voices: fictional, mysterious and unknown as it creates fantasy settling in to an atmosphere. Visions of dramatic sound scapes that creates sense of place is Voices Of Natures on going signature and its also technological joy ride interfacing flotilla of synthesizers, vocoders and digital harmonisers. As articulate art form in many ways, defines description and deluding deep in to a creative process as brazen synth manifesto.

As Voices Of Natures previous album Exotika was infectiously festive, multicultural and multinational, Abazar penetrates more deeply in mystical exotic pulses over the haunting pan global textures. Musicians here fully understood the language and printed their own individual stamp and their contribution makes this kind of music possible.

Album Abazar was composed, recorded and mixed at Von Studio in Opatija by Andrej Kljakovic in 2010. Some additional recording took place in Zagreb, Rijeka, Mali Losinj and London.
Mastered by Andrej Kljakovic and Oleg Colnago.

Musicians that appeared on Abazar:
Andrej Kljakovic- Synthesizers, Vocals & Vocoder
Zoran Majstorovic- Electric Guitars
Marko Duvnjak- Drums
Asaf Sirkis – Drums
Branimir Gazdik-Drums
Goran Moskowsky- Miscellaneous Percussion
Wimer Sifontes- Miscellaneous Percussion
Vedran Ruzic- Bass Guitar
Goran Delac- Bass Guitar
Damijan Grbac: Bass Guitar
Yaron Stavi- Acoustic & Electric Bass
Guillermo Hill- Electric Guitars
Zoran Jex Jaeger: Electric Guitar
Lino Rocha- Vocals and Additional Percussion
Lela Kaplowitz, Silvia Zoretic, Natalija Brusic
and Natasa Uljan- Backing Vocals

Abazar, how we did it.