Andrej Kljakovic comes from a family with an artistic background. His grandfather Zivko Kljakovic and grand uncle Jozo Kljakovic were painters, draughtsmen, fresco artist and writers. His father Vancha Kljakovic was a film, TV and theatre director as well as screenplay writer and theatre actor. His mother is a film, theatre, TV actress and book author. Also his cousin Tisja Kljakovic is a painter and book author.

Andrej started as a classical pianist at the age of seven. He then went on to become a leader of prominent eclectic jazz groups like Lotus, Kljakovic Eklektik Company and most noticeable the cult band Voices Of Nature where Andrej invented Afro-Arabic type language. After finishing his tuition at the Paris jazz conservatory he headed to London where he become a record producer, working for major record companies in his own studio and signed a publishing deal with Bucks Music and a record deal with IDM music which released many of Andrej’s albums. Soon after Andrej started to compose and arrange music for music theatre. His Tesla Rock Opera is a multimedia spectacle that is directed by world renowned director and opera singer Kobie Van Rensburg.

After Tesla Rock Opera, Andrej went on to write the libretto and music for the multimedia opera ‘Transfiguration’ which is based on the high renaissance painters, such as Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Inspired by the latest musical work featuring genius painters, Andrej started to dream colours, shapes and forms which led him to express himself as an visual artist. Andrej believes it is important to capture the sublime moment when an idea strikes as you may never get a second chance. He feels a strong connection between music and visual art. Andrej states that music is a picture and a picture is music as they both tell the story or a state of the mind in that particular moment.

Andrej feels that working with a painting surface is nothing more than a dialogue between the conscious and unconscious mind of familiar verses unknown. Often using symbols or some sort of metaphorical mystical signs, Andrej seeks to decipher a mysterious world, which will eventually explain itself at some point in the future. As it stands it remains a secret of an everlasting experience.

The latest work represent works that were done in open air, such as woodland, gardens, balconies, beaches etc. This opus of more than thirty works was done in a period of six months on the Adriatic island of Mali Losinj.