Tesla Rock Opera is composed and devised by Andrej Kljakovic as it was his long everlasting dream. Back in 1998 Andrej worked in London as a producer for a rock opera called Song Divine. Since then he had been building a vision of a man who created a world of electricity and electromagnetism. Interesting enough, the first record that Andrej owned as a child was the music for the Hair Rock Musical and thereafter Quadrophenia and Tommy fallowed.


andrej1TESLA ROCK OPERA is a multimedia stage spectacle of the life and works of the great genius Nikola Tesla. Accompanied by a symphony orchestra, vocal/dance ensemble, film excerpts and performances of top singers, it is the story of the upheavals and successes in the life of a man who is indebted to the world for his inventions.


The idea of this project is to promote a prophetic genius and his work. We see this opportunity of re-creating the character of Nikola Tesla for the world to know.



andrej composer

Music and book by Andrej Kljakovic


lino lyrics

Song lyrics by Lino G Rocha


TESLA logo


TESLA logo


TESLA logo







At Tesla Mind Of The Future

Making - Of


Shining Light

White Dove


Tunguska Explosion

The Messenger Of Love



Healing Light


Tears From Paradise



Wardenclyffe Tower

In Another Dimension


Nikola Tesla

Niagara Falls


Masters Of The World (audio)

Tesla Vs Edison (audio)


Brave New World (audio)

America (audio)