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Voices Of Nature showcases pan-cultural voices carried by forces of exotic rhythms within a complex musical expression. Voices Of Nature is the brainchild of composer, keyboardist and producer Andrej Kljakovic, who over the past decades has devoted himself to redefining the boundaries of eclectic music.

This propulsive multinational group represents a crystallization of the electro-acoustic fusion and what results is stunning array of fresh tonal colours, rhythms and textural possibilities. Songs are sung in invented imaginary languages that’s reminiscent of Afro-Arabic voices: fictional, mysterious and unknown as it creates third world atmospheres.

In this music are shadows of the past and visions of the future...

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1. ZANZIBAR 6:19
2. BIMBOYE 4:32
3. YELENA 4:26
4. SEDOVE 3:38
5. BIG BONG 3:44
6. MASSA YALA 5:21
8. AMAYA 4:46
10. ABAZAR 4:36
11. SILVER CITY 5:14


Released on IDM Music 2011.

Abazar is new venture in pan global music created by keyboardist and composer Andrej Kljakovic and his endless exploration in uncharted musical territories.

This propulsive electro- acoustic music is based on specially chosen grooves that incorporate clarity in harmonic and melodic movements.

Composer dedication to challenge this type of musical expression is just at the beginning of its development. There is a never-ending process to explore and combine old known systems that support new ideas. Songs are sung in invented imaginary languages that’s reminiscent of Afro-Arabic voices: fictional, mysterious and unknown as it creates fantasy settling in to an atmosphere. Visions of dramatic sound scapes that creates sense of place is Voices Of Natures on going signature and its also technological joy ride interfacing flotilla of synthesizers, vocoders and digital harmonisers. As articulate art form in many ways, defines description and deluding deep in to a creative process as brazen synth manifesto.

As Voices Of Natures previous album Exotika was infectiously festive, multicultural and multinational, Abazar penetrates more deeply in mystical exotic pulses over the haunting pan global textures. Musicians here fully understood the language and printed their own individual stamp and their contribution makes this kind of music possible.

Album Abazar was composed, recorded and mixed at Von Studio in Opatija by Andrej Kljakovic in 2010. Some additional recording took place in Zagreb, Rijeka, Mali Losinj and London.
Mastered by Andrej Kljakovic and Oleg Colnago.

Musicians that appeared on Abazar:
Andrej Kljakovic- Synthesizers, Vocals & Vocoder
Zoran Majstorovic- Electric Guitars
Marko Duvnjak- Drums
Asaf Sirkis – Drums
Branimir Gazdik-Drums
Goran Moskowsky- Miscellaneous Percussion
Wimer Sifontes- Miscellaneous Percussion
Vedran Ruzic- Bass Guitar
Goran Delac- Bass Guitar
Damijan Grbac: Bass Guitar
Yaron Stavi- Acoustic & Electric Bass
Guillermo Hill- Electric Guitars
Zoran Jex Jaeger: Electric Guitar
Lino Rocha- Vocals and Additional Percussion
Lela Kaplowitz, Silvia Zoretic, Natalija Brusic
and Natasa Uljan- Backing Vocals

Abazar, how we did it.


exotika cover thumb

exotika bio

2. IYAMA 3:46
3. MUDEKA 5:48
5. BOMAYE 6:36

6. OXIGENO 4:25
7. SABOR DE MEL 3:38
8. AYRAN 3:52
9. ZAHAR 5:00
10. SI O NO 4:54
11. LUX AETERNA 4:29


Released on Von Records 2009.

Exotika represents voices that sing in invented cross-cultural languages, fused with exotic rhythms derived from ancient world music traditions.

This recording features twenty eight musicians and singers from all around the world and the process of creating this risqué adventure was a magnificent experience.

The ultimate quest of this album is to unite people and music as one voice, one world together, to stay strong in peace. There are no limitations and no rules, as music speaks, paints and seduces in one multi- cultural expression...

Album Exotika is composed by Andrej Kljakovic in Athens, Crete and London between 2006 and 2008 All recording was done on beautiful island of Crete in 2007-8. Some additional recording took place in London at Von Studio, Britannia Row and Eastcote Studios, and in Zagreb at Capomedia Studio and 4Art Studio.

Additional composers are Lino Rocha, Marcina Arnold and Djanan Turan. And additional sound engineers are Oleg Colnago, Philp Bageanal, Samir Kadribasic and Federico Begey.

Album was mixed and mastered in Mali Losinj by Andrej Kljakovic in 2009.

Musicians that performed on Exotika:
Andrej Kljakovic- Keyboards, Compositions and Production
Lino G Rocha- Vocals and Compositions
Marcina Arnold- Vocals
Djanan Turan- Vocals
Guillermo Hill- Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Zoran Jex Jaeger- Electric Guitar
Mario Igrec- Acoustic Guitar
Davide Mantovani- Bass Guitar
Goran Delac- Bass Guitar and Fretless Bass
Yaron Stavi- Double Bass and Bass Guitar
Wilmer Sifontes- Congas, Shakers and Miscellaneous Percussion
Sayed Antel Christos- Darabuka, Frame drum and Miscellaneous Percussion
Hrvoje Rupcic- Latin Percussion and Darabuka
Sam Alexander-Bongos, Triangle and Miscellaneous Percussion
Pete Lockett- Tabla and Indian Ragas
Davide Govannini- Drums
Dado Marinkovic- Drums
Asaf Sirkis- Drums
Sasa Nestorovic- Tenor and Soprano Saxophones and Zurna
Frank Moon- Electric Oud
Ana Mudeka- M'bira
Jadranka Kristof, Daria H Marinkovic, Tina Rupcic, Ivana Cabraja,
Dragan Brnas Fudo, Drazen Sholz- Backing Vocals

Making of Exotika.






Circle Of Kalunga







Suriye Suriya

Big Bong




Secret Language

The idea of meaningless invented language happened non-intentionally. When I was writing music for Exotika, our first album for Voices Of Nature, and I had in mind an African female singer. So I invented singing melodies with my quasy Afro imitation of what is after need to be replaced with real African text.

In that time I worked with singer from Zimbabwe Ana Mudeka and as it happened she liked those sounds that I made up. Then she told me that in this particular melodic context with the music provided it would suit better to use non-sense text then real African language. So we left the way it was, my improvised scribble of invented words. Because I needed more music in this way then I realized that this could be quite interesting and challenging thing to do.

Most of the language comes up directly form entire improvisation, something like scat; jazz singer would do in jazz. Then I would analyse what I did and correct words that needs to be improved, but 90% of stuff was left the way was original printed on tape. More and more I was doing it, I came to conclusion that this gives music completely different feeling and 3rd world atmosphere that perfect suited eclecticism of the music. Then I explored that idea much further here on Abazar.

I also like idea that each composition with non-sense text could give to listener more freedom to make up his or her own story about particular song. Even if you listen it all over again you could give it a different scenario, so actual story can be varied every time you listen it. So I finally surrender to imagination to a listener and their own fantasies

Andrej Kljaković


Thoughts on Composition and Musical Conception

When composing I imagine atmospheres of remote places. Constantly my head is full of thoughts of some uncharted territories, distant lost cities and mysterious people that speak secret ancient languages.

My compositional strategies are to explore relationship to tradition without seeking to be traditional.

My ambivalent attitude to tradition is desire to always do something new, not repeating the past, not even my own, yet there was at the same time the increasing desire to make allusions to the past, and even to pay some discreet homage to Zawinul and Mclaughlin.

Yet there is another powerful motivation: that I don't hesitate to match myself against my historical models; but at the same time, to do so is the ultimate test.

I always measure myself against new music that I made. All this are functional elements of form that is created from entire improvisation, it’s all free floating in a musical universe.

In my music the groove is absolutely essential and also I’m trying to avoid completely any backbeats. That brings the sensuality into music, which Voices Of Nature is all about.

My implicit message seems to be: keep looking for the new and astonishing.

In my concept of the sound, music specter needs to be very wide. You have to put some color in to music that is for me is the most elegant abstraction.

You can learn how to play but you can’t learn how to compose. Composing is very special phenomena.

In beginning there is nothing and then whole universe is created. It happens when you are gone. You can’t tell the music what to do, music has to dictate you, but the less is you, there is more music. It’s closest to mystical experiences when you can’t explain things, but it’s unfolding by its own cause. You just have to do it and somehow entire process lives as a mystery.

Andrej Kljaković


Thoughts about Abazar

From transcription book Abazar by Andrej Kljaković and Zoran Majstorović, published Naklada Stih, 2011.

The music that I was introduced to by Andrej Kljaković when I visited him for the first time in his studio in Opatija was a unique experience, a fusion of so many different colours and atmospheres, languages that I have never heard before, voices and instruments that were bringing this music to life and simultaneously teasing one’s imagination. He was working on a project, later to be named “Abazar” and suggested I took part in it, which I gladly accepted.

I’m thinking of “Abazar” as an adventure to a territory that has not yet been explored and we must explore and bring it’s beauty to the listener. In doing so we must rely on our imagination and ourselves.

Transcriptions and notation that you are about to see are representing a material proof of a music voyage that has previously been described. In transcribing and notating this music I have tried to approach the music from a “working musician’s” point of view, that is to try to facilitate the reading of music and to be accurate as much as possible. If you are reading this music from a “classical” point of view you may find some illogicalities (most of all enharmonic), but the thing that I had in mind was to make this music as easy to read as can be, and to make the notation in the spirit of “Abazar”, independent and free. These transcriptions have, most of all, been made for the musicians that are about to confront this music in rehearsals and concerts, but none the less they have been made for the “active listener” who is not afraid to explore the same ground, as a listener and hopefully as a player.

Zoran Majstorović

Press ...

GEORGE DUKE: ...Stuff sounds good man!
George Duke...(Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, Quincy Jones, George Benson, Anita Baker, Dianne Reeves)

MUZIKA.HR .... Internet Music Magazine .... No limit! ....

How far can one push the boundaries of music genres? Andrej Kljakovic and his band Voices of Nature has been asking themselves that question only to discover that, after hearing all 12 songs from their latest album, the answer comes naturally: limits are set only to be exceeded and once you cross them there is an ultimate freedom waiting for you on the other side. The album “Exotika” is the most beautiful tribute to music freedom. .... Some of you might remember Voices of Nature and their frontman Andrej Kljakovic as the pioneers of jazz music back in former Yugoslavia. Jazz, rock, African, Middle Eastern and Latin beats combined with Balkan traditional music create a new heterogenic form that even the author himself does not know in which way it is going to develop. .... Kljakovic would define “Exotika” as eclectic and twenty-eight musicians from all over the world managed to produce something creatively called electro-acoustic ethno fusion with improvisation and themes closest to jazz. It may sound complicated, it probably is, but that is what this album is all about. .... If someone asks you what is a “three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex”, it probably wouldn’t cross your mind they are talking about a cube. To explain the simplest things sometimes requires using a bunch of complicated words hard to understand, so we will try to make it as simple and straight forward as possible: a multicultural crew, who each brought something original from their part of the world managed to fuse all those different styles into one, in the best manoeuvre of Joe Zawinul, Eumir Deodato, even Santana but without the guitar sequence. .... To some “Exotika” is going to reminisce about 90’s Croatian music scene, with one band especially in mind, band that disappeared unexpectedly quietly. The band was called “The Bastardz” , they were making a similar music and the good news is that their lead guitarist, Zoran Jaeger – Jex was also contributing on this album. .... A bold and foremost risky experiment has proven to be a total success, and if we could have more artists like them refusing to stay within the boundaries of their own genre, the world would in time start to sound like one tune.
.... Written by: Stjepan Vrecko

www.taxi.com ....

Hi there (Yulilumapeh) and thanks for the pleasure of hearing these inventive, funky and friendly songs. I thoroughly enjoyed your band's unique approach and sound. .... The grooves and cross rhythms were excellent, the bass playing was exemplary and the vocals and vocal arrangements were standout. All the tracks make a strong impact establishing a signature thread throughout the presentation of a group with a distinct sound. the music grooves while maintaining a melodic flare that leads the journey in a natural way. .... Whatever the language or non-language, it all communicated to me. Great stuff. Absolutely in the right ballpark in its own, unique way. The music makes a strong impact establishing a signature thread throughout the presentation of a group with a distinct sound. the music grooves while maintaining a melodic flare that leads the journey in a natural way. nice job. Well done.
.... Craig Straitman- www.taxi.com- head of A&R, USA ...

Gita Productions ....

Many thanks for your outstanding music! Ilove it! Great world music, wonderfully blended with rock sound. it is truly inspiring. Be great to have you here also in Switzerland. .... A full sound from a group with a focused concept. The music fuses global sounds resulting in an artistic rendition of the world. Nice job. The vocals soar over infectious grooves intertwining through inventive arrangements resulting in a journey filed experience. The sound is tight but loose enough for the performance to prevail- I hear musicians - I don't hear laptops! .... Thanks again for the nice music!
.... Guido Von Arx- Gita Productions (Nintin Shaney, Pepe Habichuela, Song Divine Mahabharata Musical




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